Terrific meeting!

My congratulations to everyone who made the meeting a success,gave thoughtful reports, reved up enthusiasm for some community events, or volunteered.
We now have a raffle committee of 2 members. They are going to be looking for patterns and designs for our next group projects. If you have any suggestions, I’m sure that they would like to hear from you.

We finally have some dates for Sat. workbees from the soccer club.
Sat Sept 12th- Community quilts. Sherrill will be contacting everyone via email to describe the plans.
Our guest teacher Eileen Neil will be here on Oct 24th and 25th.
Mark your calendars and bring your $$ to pay for the classes.

Make sure that you check the time for our PotLuck Social.
Sept 17th thurs
Set-up of tables and displays at 5:30
eating ( of course) and visiting at 6:30
then the presentations by teachers , and questions answered about supply lists.
All new members are welcome to check out the library and your questions are welcome on any topic.

If you are interested in Art quilts and alternate /funky art products to use in your work, please come to the Fiber Speak meeting next Thurs ( always the 2nd thurs eve of each month.)

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