and the living is eeeaasssssssssy.
What a stupid bunch of lyrics – the living is certainly not easy when you’re up to your hips in alligators. There’s too much garden produce and the housework suffers. Either we’re complaining about the heat or we’re complaining that it’s too wet to harvest vegetables and everything is rotting or spoiling. But on a cheerier note………
Art in the Park is just one week ahead.
I was seriously concerned about participation this year as no one had stepped forward to coordinate a guild display.
I’m pleased to say that the FiberSpeak group will be setting up and manning the display with some hands on demos. I will setup an info area for new members and newcomers to our community. Please come out and spend a hour chatting with the public about this artform we all love.

And on another cheery note – there’s only 3 weeks until our first Sept meeting.I always feel that the year starts in Sept. – off to a fresh start, renewed interest, and the chance to catchup on everyone’s news and photos.
In the next 3 weeks , I hope that there will be some dusting and housekeeping here on the blog and we will bring you up to date on what’s planned for the fall.
Hope you drop back again often.

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One Response to summertiiiiimeee

  1. arlee says:

    Hey Nina! i *knew* you’d start blogging if only for others :}

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