Hurrah! full program committee

Yes, we now have a full committee of 6 – but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can just sit back and wait to see what they propose for the program schedule in Sept.
They need some imput.
What do you want to explore next year?
what did you enjoy last year? do you want more videos, Block of the Month, exchanges like the cookie tin round robin, or a row by row round robin?

Do you have a short 1/2 hour to 1 hour demo that would interest the group, for Thurs nights?
Do you have some ideas for our Sat workshops? Can you teach that class?
I would like to see us explore some areas that we’ve not covered for a decade or so , and it might be of interest to some of our newer members.
There’s several books in the library that I’ve thought would make excellent classes, so I will be attending the meeting on the 9th of July.
Put your thinking caps on and then send an email to Jennie or Gay with your ideas.

This is also the time to bring forward any problems that you feel need to be addressed to make the program run smoothly.

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