Information arising from the June Meeting

Did you miss the meeting and want to know what is going on?

June 18 – Year End Wrap Up.    Bring your favourite Pot-Luck dish at 6:30.    A reminder that the Brown Bag Swap is due.  Be sure to bring yours, and see what your brown bag has in store for you.

June 20 – Wimpy All-Nighter.  For those of you who may not know what this is, it is our Year-End Wrap Up Class.  It starts at 9:30 am, and goes until the last quilter stops sewing (usually about 9:00pm, or sooner for some).    Bring your own lunch (or duck away to one of the stores nearby), and $5 for pizza that evening for supper.   For more info contact Kathy, or Gay. Kathy O. is facilitating the class “Take 5″ – take 5 minutes, choose 5 fabrics and in 5 hours you will have a quilt 64″ x 76” .  There is a $5 fee.  The supplies required are:

.5 yards of five different/coordinating fabrics for the quilt top
1/2 yards for the inner border
11/4 yards for the outer border
Approx 3/4 yard fro  binding
4 yards for the back
Batting – 70″ x 82″
Sewing Machine and usual sewing notions – New Rottary CUtter blade
Display Wall
You should be able to sandwich and quilt this the same day, so don’t forger to bring the batting and backing.

Hands Across Water registration deadline is looming.  Fees are due at the end of the month, but should be paid to Jeannette W. at the year end wrap up.  Schoolhouse Quilters of Courtenay/Comox will be the hosts, and they have information at their website.  It is a couple weeks early this year, on October 3.

Some other activities coming up:

Sea Far Artist Pavilion – something new this year.

Studio Tour – August 22-23, 2009 – I would have liked to have seen the TQG invovled in this.  Wouldn’t it be great to have an Open House, and show the community what we do, and what we are all about.  Perhaps someone would like to volunteer to organize?

Art in the Park – August 15-16, 2009.  – We’ve been involved with this for the last few years.  A great opportunity to meet visitors to our community as well as community members, and show and tell them what we are all about!

If I have forgotten something, please feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll add the information.

Thanks a bunch!


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