What makes a good guild?

When I ponder what I gain from my membership in the guild , I believe that I value our program and group activities the most.

And who can have a program of activities without a strong and dynamic planning committee for the program?

Yes! the program committee is the most important of all the volunteer positions in a guild. They not only plan the program for the year , but they promote the teachers, the extra activities, group projects, plan the calendar, and ensure that the Sat workshops or the demonstration evenings run smoothly, checking that supply lists are available, doors are open, equipment is available, and people are happy and enjoy their experience.

The program committee is not a group that meets for a few summertime evenings and is finished – No! they work hard all year to make your guild a very valuble learning center.

Now tonight at our AGM, it was disappointing to see that there are only 4 of the 6 positions on this committee filled. If you did not step forward to help – then what sort of complaining will we hear from you next year when there are gaps in the program schedule and you are not happy with the classes, activities or workshops ?

Did you come forward with ideas, offers to teach, offers to demonstrate a new technique, offers to assist at a workbee, or coordinate something like Hands Across the Water. Every activity requires helping hands, and the Program committee needs YOU!
Call Gay D if you are willing to step up and assist.

While I’m on a rant – it appears that apathy will also close our library. The books do not reappear on the shelf by themselves, the new books do not get cataloged by themselves and they don’t get purchased by themselves. The doors will be locked and the ability to borrow from such a vast collection will cease. We have close to 400 books. We need at least 2 volunteers to spend several hours a month doing housekeeping chores in the library area. I’ve written a 4-5 page set of guidelines and they are available to get you started, so there is no reason for you to say you don’t know what is involved with the job.
Gail W. would be glad to hear from you.

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