May 30th – community quilt workbee

So how many have had a chance to weed out all those bits of fabrics that are just sour lemons?
Why bear that guilt ?- pass those lemons on and see what treasures can be made into Lemonade.
I’ve gotten 3 quilt tops done since the last post, and have some african safari fabric cut & ready to do some wonky framing for some young man.

A new member was under the impression that we got together to make blocks and I had to further confuse her to explain that blocks were only a minor part of the whole day. If you don’t have piecing skills , then you can press, cut or sandwich, machine quilt or bind.
Perhaps in our next year, we could have a block party day as well as a quilt assembly day just to clarify the work plans.

So come prepared to sew, snip and cut. Bring your lunch and beverage of choice. The quilts will be spray basted – so there is no need to bring your safty pins.

While you’re harvesting those lemons, Kathy O. is on the hunt for 6″ squares for I Spy type quilts. If you have some of those – please know they will have a good home.

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