If Given Lemons- Make Lemonade

So the official announcement :
There is no planned activity for the May (Thurs night)Demo eve. The guild is closed and if you’d like to go to the guild call Carole F. for the key.
Four of us are disappointed that the Program committee has nothing planned for the May Demo night, and have decided that we would have an online interactive ALL month long workbee for the community quilts.
What’s planned.
1. Break out a new sharp rotary blade.
2. Go into our stashes and scrap bins and start cutting, squares, strips, or whatever shape you want.
I’m going to work on Rail Fence blocks.
3. Find 10-20 minutes every day to cut, sew or press until you have a large stack of blocks- NOOOOO don’t count them – just make a HUGE stack .

Remember the guild is not open for the regular demo night – but we are meeting via computer to report our progress.
It would be fantastic if there were baskets full of building block units ready for our Sat workbee at the end of the month.
It would be even more incredible if there was a nice stack of quilt tops for the June Show and Tell.

Remember – it’s nice to meet together for our monthly demo nights – but if given Lemons- Make Lemonade and we will adapt in this modern time by meeting in the Virtual World of computers to have some fun.

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5 Responses to If Given Lemons- Make Lemonade

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Would this be a good opportunity to find a place for orphaned blocks?


  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    That would be ideal – but I had just cleared all my orphans and given them to Shirley for her community quilts. I have to start fresh and was looking for a design that would appeal to young boys. Rail fence seems to fit the bill- now to cut up the fisherman , the inventions and the iguanas. Lots of boy stuff in the bottom drawer.

  3. Shawn says:

    Great idea 😉 Rail fence goes so quickly and by playing with value/colour you can make a number of different layouts and some really good looking tops!

  4. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    The boys quilts may run from 6years to 18years depending on the size each top turns out to be. This first one would be great for a 6-8 year old.

  5. BCQuilter says:

    I have decided on making scrappy snowball blocks. The latest McCall’s Quick Quilts July 2009 – was my inspiration.

    I have lots of 3″ squares… and working on 7″ squares. I was focussing more on the masculine side, but a few more feminine pieces have popped in… so I’m hoping to have blocks to make quilts for both genders.

    I don’t have much in the “kids” fabrics.

    OOOps… don’t count the blocks! Okay… well I won’t tell how many I have then. I’m hoping to get some more ready to piece over the weekend.


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