May schedule and agenda

Our guild president asked that we email her ASAP with any additions to the agenda for this week’s meeting.
The year end is fast approaching and if there is anything that must be brought up before the end of June – please call her NOW!
Our nominations are held at the June business meeting, and the nominations committee spends the month of May seeking volunteers to fill committee positions.

Can you step forward eagerly and make their job easier?
Can you suggest any changes to the committees to make the guild run smoother , so we can all enjoy next year’s activities?

I’ve made a suggestion to Gail that the hospitality committee be increased to 2 people and that they are in charge of meet and greet of new members. What do you all think? I’m sure Gail would appreciate some imput and discussion.

DEMO NIGHT for May is not as advertised!!!
It is tentatively planned to be a charity quilt workbee. Please stay tuned for up to the minute news from the program committee.
Scrap bins could be turned out and a new cutting blade in every rotary cutter would make fast work of random bits into useful squares, or strips. Just think of the possible quilt tops that we could make for Sept Show and tell.

Have you checked the blog entry for April 2 and have you posted your vote? Remember we’re trying to improve communications but it seems onesided right now.

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One Response to May schedule and agenda

  1. BCQuilter says:

    I guess someone forgot perhaps to get someone from the legal field to come and talk about Copyright law, or the Program Committee decided not to have a guest speaker.

    Always next year, I guess.


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