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Alice had just commented about her new appreciation of thread after Carola’s talk. I thought I’d AGAIN mention about 2 of my favorite sources of information about thread and machine quilting.

The first of course is Patsy Thompson’s blog/website.  It’s important to bookmark it , as there is too much information to read at once. Not only can you read her extensive blog (and be sure to go back through her archived months and years) but you can enjoy her short clips from her DVD’s and print off her many PDF’s on free motion quilting patterns – all FREE!!
Patsy’s excellent teaching style shows well on all her DVDs and we’re anxious to see her soon to be published new thread painting video.

The second is a excellent , well published magazine that I discovered called Machine Quilting Unlimited. It is only available at this time through a subscription, and I wait anxiously for the next issue in the mail box.  I have been enjoying a series of articles by my friend Sarah Ann Smith. She just wrote extensively on “Design and Contrasting Lines” and includes samples useing different shades of thread to bring out the designs.

UPDATE (23 April 2009):  Patsy Thompson Designs has just released Free Motion Fun with Feathers Volume 2.  The samples she has in the write-up are phenomenal.

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One Response to machine quilting magazine

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Oooh, Patsy Thompson’s stuff is divine! She truly is a marvel.


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