Wanted : New Librarians

This is a great job. You get to order LOTS of books, you get to read them all first, and I will supply you with a extensive list of publishing companies, self published authors,websites with great book reviews and lots of information to give you a start in a book search.
Just a gentle reminder to all guild members that the nominations for the new year will be coming up in a few months. To enable a smooth transition for the new librarians, I’ve posted a list of duties by the New Book(corner) table, and we hope that this job appeals to you.

and here it is posted for you as well…….
1.Research publishers,authors,websites, blogs and publisher catalogs for books and DVD’s.
2.Solicite recommendations from guild members.
3.Purchase books and DVD’s for guild library, determine the budget for the purchase of the books.
4.Catalog the purchased materials as well as donated and gifted materials( check attached procedures)
5.Do a yearly inventory,
6.Monitor and document lost books yearly.
7. Monitor late return books monthly.
8.Repair books on occasion. Purchase protective plastic covers for certain materials that have separate patterns attached.
9.Check shelf organization on regular basis.
10. Shelf returned books weekly.
11. keep a list of purchased books, submit bills to treasurer, submit report at year end.
12. purchase needed office supplies such as labels and ink pads as needed ( submit bills)

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3 Responses to Wanted : New Librarians

  1. mslibra says:

    I would be interested in being a New librarian – is there an age restriction?
    ‘Cause I’m sorta getting old 😉

  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    There is no age restriction , but there has to be a rule that you are curious ,hungry for new information, or hungry for old information that you feel helps to feed your soul. Another rule is that you read , even cereal boxes if you’re desperate,and therefore you have a bookmarked favs list on your computer as long as mine.
    You must also love solving mysteries, as in: who the heck is the publisher of this and where the heck can we find out more about it.
    You must also be a bargain hunter and be thrilled when there is a 40% off sale so you save enough for another book.
    Warm up your visa card Shawn, you might be hired!!

  3. BCQuilter says:


    And Shawn, don’t forget to check out the newly published “Job” Description, it may have some of the info you are looking for.


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