It’s over and we can claim success

My own sincere thanks for everyone’s good humour this week-end even in times of panic.
But the ballots are counted, the money is tallied, the raffle prizes are on their way to good homes, the door prizes were ohhhhed and ahhhhed over and I hope that your quilts are back on the beds or up in a place of honour in your homes ………
or are they just stacked inside the front door like mine and you’ve put your feet up with a glass of wine instead ??

Can I gently remind all committee people that we promised to get our reports done promptly so that Val can put this whole thing to bed ASAP and she can enjoy the rest of the guild year with no little details to wrap up.
See all of you on Thurs so we can congratulate each other at our wind up party.

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One Response to It’s over and we can claim success

  1. Lucille Andrews says:

    Wish I would have been there. Glad you have a successful show. I hope you can post some pictures.
    Always Lucille

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