If you come to the show today, the wonderful hardworkers from setup crew are the ones slightly bent over from fatique, bleery eyed and perhaps slow to answer your perky questions- but we’ll be there and ready to enjoy the show along with the rest.
my co-blogger won’t have left you a message as her hand is in a splint ( drat those mini van slidding doors) and we have to have a finishing bee day next time to help those who at the last minute were basting in their hanging sleeves back in the cloak room.
Let’s also pray that BC ferries sails today from Texada island or some of our members are going to have to swim,kayak or row.
Whoppee! there are lots of aprons in the challenge area

Hope we get a chance to chat today and admire the quilts together.

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2 Responses to SHOWTIME!!

  1. Sherry Gorbatuk says:

    I miss all my PR Quilting friends…have a great show !!

  2. BCQuilter says:

    The show looked pretty good on Saturday. A steady stream of viewers.

    The Merchant Mall was a hive of activity each time I popped in to have a look.


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