March Reminders

If you just stick your head in the sand like an ostrich , then you can ignore that the calendar is declaring that the quilt show is 21 days away.
Here’s a few reminders for guild members before the next business meeting.
1) you’ve got 4 days to sell the rest of your raffle tickets or buy them yourself. Please remember that Val is collecting all the ticket stubs and money on the 5th.

2) please come to the meeting on the 5th to ensure that you pick up the labels for your quilts. The Logistics committee would appreciate that you read the labels carefully and tell them about any corrections promptly.
If you pick up the labels at the meeting, then this saves the committee trying to chase you all over town.

3)Please signup for set up day and/or for the hostessing duties at Dwight Hall.

4) even if you are not planning to enter an apron for Jennie’s gingham challenge, you can still get in the mood by making and wearing an apron. Humourous, glamorous, durable and utilitarian…….feel free to interpret the project in any way you wish.

5) we’re having an impromptu party on March 26th, after our windup quilt show meeting. Listen for details at the meeting regarding food – but most importantly , it would be great if all the committee reports were handed in to Val that evening. That means you could start to fianalize your report now instead of the night before! And of course you’ve been making notes all along ,haven’t you?

I’m going to miss the march meeting of course as I must every year in order to attend a work related conference, but I will be able to have some fun time at Chapters, Michaels, and Fabricana in the evenings just so I am not thinking “teeth” for the whole 3 days.
See you at the Show!

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One Response to March Reminders

  1. mslibra says:

    Thanks for the reminders, Nina 🙂

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