running short of time??

So here I am in the same pickle that I usually find myself just a few short weeks before the guild show.
I argued with myself , but I lost and here I am attempting to get too many quilts completed for the logistics committee.
So last night I took the recently completed quilt top and blessed the inventor of spray basting. I took the large wall hanging and singlehandedly managed to tape the backing to the floor and layer the batt and the top in a few short minutes. I even succeeded in not having the dog come to investigate and step all over the freshly sprayed surface.

Then I machine quilted in the ditch along the sashing and borders to stabalize and tonight I completed the binding in 2 hours.
I don’t have sore fingers because I machine sewed it both front and back, blessing Sharon Schamber’s for her binding tips.

Now I can take my time and do the free motion meandering , vines and leaves, as well as the beading and embroidery just as little extras.
five weeks to go and only one more quilt to do ,opps and the apron challenge.
Since I’m running short of time, I hope my home ec teacher’s spirit is looking over my shoulder and I remember enough of project #1 in Grade 10 to get this apron finished in a few days.

Who’s on your mind as you work away on these last stitches?

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One Response to running short of time??

  1. BCQuilter says:

    I’m visiting from Victoria! LOL.


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