February Demo Night – what is in store!

For those who attended January’s workshop, I have more in store for you in February!

The second workshop on Quilting and Computers will include:

  • Blogging
  • Online Courses
  • Forums/Communities/Groups

The venue has been changed.  Again.  Sorry about that.  After some considering space, numbers, internet connections and such, I have asked the permission of another group to use their building for the evening, and it has been granted.

You still go up to the Timberlane Park, but instead of driving all the way to the back to the Guild Hall (Soccer Club), make an immediate left as you come into the parking lot.   We will be using the Sea Cadet Administration building.  As you park facing the building, follow the walkway to the left, and there will be a flight of stairs, with a huge anchor to the left.  Go up the stairs and come in through the door.  We’ll be there to greet you!


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