challenge review

Shawn had just asked if the guild challenge was open to anyone who had not received a challenge package in Sept.
Yeh! come on and jump right in!!
Jennie R. had given us the show theme of Retro Kitchens, which will be displayed in small groupings around the hall.
She wants us to make an apron useing old fashion gingham in all or a portion of the apron, with some lace trim and some embroidered chicken scratch stitches.
Now some of us are making several aprons, one to go with the guidelines, but ones to wear and show our innovative interpretation. Is that called Artist’s license??

And of course there are those who are rumored to be their usual rebellious selves and choose to interpret the size of the apron, or the idea, and the theme in a innovative unique way.

Recycling is also good, and I’ve already found some good servicable remnants by taking apart a pair of culottes that my mom made back in the 70’s……think hot pink with cute calico posies.

And of course there are a few of us who did not like our poly cotton gingham and lace and have chosen to search for some other solutions.

Quilter’s are such good problem solvers and I’m looking forward to seeing projects that may or maynot be viewed as a quilted wall hanging.

P.S. there are some quilters who abhor challenges, but there are those of us who adore a “challenge” and the brain exercise. Anyone joining in this challenge willl have a chance to have their name drawn to host next year’s challenge.

You can wear your creation but the challenge registration forms must be in by tomorrow if you want them hung with the official challenge.

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