aprons, boring?-NOT

A person or 2 are not going to participate in our guild apron challenge. What!! can’t believe it – this is going to be so much fun .

There’s lots to view on etsy ,and googling just the word brings up all sorts of inspiration.
There’s different types of aprons…… carpenter’s, butcher’s,coveralls or smock-like traditional garb from Japan, Grandma’s bib aprons, gathered aprons that just cover the lap, and servicable pretty ones with BIG pockets to carry all those essentials.
I,of course need to cover myself from the neck down as I’m always having something spit at me at the stove or the sink. I especially am in danger when I’m whipping cream and the butter fat leaves a very nice oil spot that I don’t see right away and then it’s set.
It’s time that we brought the apron back into vogue. So join in and have some fun.
*hint* the size of your gingham is just graph paper and you can make your chicken scratch embroidery any size you wish , so if you want it to be an inch high and only put a row of 6 on a pocket, then you’re still following the guildlines.

I have been lucky to inherit both my Mom’s and Gram’s sewing supplies this winter, so have discovered so many lovely embellishments to use. Alice left us with some great links on January 22nd for further ideas and just in case you lost your instructions like me!

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4 Responses to aprons, boring?-NOT

  1. Shawn says:

    Is the challenge open to members that have just joined?

  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I think in my new post there is enough info to get you started. Perhaps you just have to inform the logistics committee about the entry so they can hang it – or you can choose to wear it and solve that problem all together !

  3. Jeanette WIley says:

    I heard about the Apron Challenge at the Quilt shop on Tuesday. Other people there hadn’t heard about it either, but might be interested in participating. Is there any gingham left? Or can we use any gingham that we might have? Any other rules????


  4. BCQuilter says:

    Contact Jennie, as she is the Challenge Hostess.

    The Challenge was presented at the September meeting, and the Challenge bags were available at that meeting, as well as the October meeting.


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