yucky weather =good studio time

I’m being a chicken and not going to the guild this morn. I’d rather stay nice and cozy with my heater and my applique.
it’s countdown time-only 8 weeks til the guild’s show – BUT less than 2 weeks to get your entry forms completed.
I’ve been neglecting the fiber blog since I started it – so head over to Fiberwhimsys and see a link to a lovely website of colour,inspiration, and some innovative work with fabric paints and tyvek. The artist is Cynthia St Charles of Montana.
I hope to put up some links to my favorite blogs, vidcasts,online classes,emagazines, and galleries before the next computer demo class with Alice and then you all can visit beforehand. Get your questions ready for our very own computer geek(that’s a compliment)

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One Response to yucky weather =good studio time

  1. BCQuilter says:

    LOL – No worries Nina. I’m a self-professed computer geek.

    Funny you should decide not to goto guild… I did! Just to get out of the house for a bit. I do miss working. I miss living. *sigh* It will come, I know. But dag nab it… not soon enough for my liking.

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