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Doesn’t it frustrate you when you see lots of hype about a new book or author and you can’t find anything in a magazine or on the web about the CONTENTS of a book?
I also hate the book reviews in the majority of quilt magazines, as they are publisher/author edited to help sell the book!
I have found very few websites that give me a honest critique about a book or author’s writing style and skills as a teacher. The quilting skill level is also not explained. About 1/2 of the quilt books at Amazon do have reader’s reviews , so I look to see if that can be helpful to me. And that is a good reminder that if you are thrilled with a book ,take the time to write a review so that your favorite author can sell more books!!
I have been very disappointed over many years of quilting, when the hype about a book just goes as far as the quilt on the cover.

There are 2 websites that I have found helpful.
Connecting Threads is slanted towards the traditional quilter amongst us,

and Soft Expressions has a great selection of art quilt titles.

BUT the great thing about both sites is that they have pics of the quilts inside the covers, just by clicking or scrolling down the page, you can get an idea if the expense will be worth it. Both sites have a button to view images- look for that button for happy browseing.
( just a warning- Soft expressions started as a quilt program/computer website and has expanded to sell all sorts of bling to entice us- use self control.)

Both of our friendly local bookstores, Breakwater Books and Coles, will gladly place special orders, but it’s nice to know what you’re ordering before asking them a favor.
I also like . Most titles from the USA website can be obtained from their canadian branch and if you place enough orders , you will get real deals/discounts and free shipping. Just ask me how I know.

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