Must be Serendipity

While we were in the mall today selling raffle tickets for the Catscan quilts, a former member came up to purchase some tickets and then asked if we could take some books for the guild library. Well of course Karen, we’d be delighted with the donation, and then she said that they were in the car and she’d be right back. yippee!

She brought back 5 books, several of which are Debbie Mumm’s books but not duplicates of ones we already have.
Then as I was paging thru them , I found the perfect watering can for a compliment to Doris’s lovely gardening hat that I am placing as the center of my next quilt. There is also a teapot applique that will be perfect on the pocket of that Apron I’m hoping to get done for the quilt show.
So I will quickly trace these applique shapes, prepare the books for the library shelves and have them ready for our next guild meeting.
I wonder what good things I’ll find in the other books? Isn’t a great when everything just seems to fall perfectly into place? I had good karma all day today.

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2 Responses to Must be Serendipity

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Sounds like you have some finishing touches!

    That’s cool about the books. I look forward to hearing about them at the next meeting.

    Do I sense a book review coming??? *mischievous grin*


  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    You very well can have a chuckle as you know that Debbie Mumm is not my favorite author or fav fabric lines. I was surprised and pleased that I found these applique shapes that would finish the projects.
    Yes, I will do a review as soon as I find them – still in the cargo.

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