Guild Challenge 2009 – Chicken Scratch Apron

After a little bit of discussion on Chicken Scratch at the demo this evening, I thought I would provide a few links on Chicken Scratch Embroidery, also known as (AKA) Depression Lace, AKA Australian Lace, AKA Snowflaking, AKA Tenneriffe Lace, AKA Amish Embroidery for those of you who are participating in this year’s Guild Challenge, or for those of you who may be interested.

There are a growing number of blogs, websites and other venues on the internet about Chicken Scratch Embroidery.  Do a google search and you are likely to get more than 24, 000 hits (that is how many webpages found with Chicken Scratch Embroidery mentioned).

There are a couple of good websites that explain how to do the embroidery, I have listed a couple here. (All links will open in a new window or tab). – this site shows very detailed close-up of the stitches.

A couple of sites that display either the chicken scratch patterns and/or chicken scratch on aprons:

There are also a few books for Chicken Scratch Patterns, one source is:

If you want to see lots of pictures/photos/images of Chicken Scratch Embroidery, goto and type in Chicken Scratch Embroidery, then click on the IMAGES link near the top of the page.  Have fun!  You’ll see patterns, vintage patterns, aprons, pillows, quilts, vintage items, and much much more!



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4 Responses to Guild Challenge 2009 – Chicken Scratch Apron

  1. mslibra says:

    Thanks for the memories! My mom made a table topper back in the early 70’s when this craft was the rage again. I think I’ll go find it 🙂


  2. Valerie says:

    thanks for the sites…definitely going to assist me in completing this project

  3. Kathryn says:

    Thanks so much for the chicken scratch apron information! I cleaned my grandparents house in the fall after my grandfather passed away, and now am the proud owner of “Grandma’s Stash”. In the stash was a lot of gingham for aprons, some started, some, just the apron cut out, and fabric ready to be cut. I plan to finish/make all the aprons for everyone in the family. Of course, grandma died 11 years ago at the age of 86, and there were no patterns. Happy sewing! ~Kathryn

    • Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      That is so neat that you have some memories of your Grandma. I too have rescued my mom’s stash and passed it on to our community quilts program, and saved some special pieces of Linen that I will use for a embroidered wall hanging.
      Glad that our info was of help.

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