January update

First, it was nice to see so many members come out to the business meeting on thurs(8th). I was pleased to see 3 new members and a few guests. I was disappointed that I did not get to meet everyone at the meeting ,but hopefully new members were introduced to the library and our rooms downstairs.

I was busy handing out packets of raffle tickets and want to thank everyone for taking almost all of them off my hands. We have printed many more of the 3for$5.00 tickets and that is all I have left in my box.

The ticket money can be returned at any time and please let me know if you would like a few more books.
Ticket sales in the mall are planned for Sat Jan 24th in front of Shopper’s Drug mart. 2 hour shifts are almost full for both Jan 24th and Feb 14th.
CAUTION – please remember that the ticket books have 2 DIFFERENT prices and make sure friends and family fill out the correct ticket if they wish only one ticket at $2 or want 3 for $5.00
The revised Membership list and email list will be available for the next meeting. I have the revised email list to type today and forward to Jessie.

A description of the internet/computer demo night will be posted later this week-end. In the meantime I have to say the Weekend workshop today seems to have been a real success, and I look forward to seeing all the wonkiness at show and tell.

I will also be revising the list of member’s blogs and businesses in the next few days.

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