December pressures

Are you relaxed and enjoying this crisp cold air?
I hope that all of you are not under pressure to overdo your christmas plans , your christmas feasting or the quilted and home made gifts. My family holiday plans have radically changed and it is SO much less stressful when you do not let your expectations run your life.

The raffle committee met at my home last week and there will be packets of tickets for you to take home from the christmas party.
Inside the Ziplock baggie will be tickets, an envelope for cash and a photo of the prizes.
Each book of tickets has 15 tickets and be sure to make yourself aware that you will get TWO different types of sales books.
One book has $2.00 tickets for single sales.
The 2nd book has 3 for $5.00 sales for those who might like to purchase multiples.
The money for both types of tickets can be placed in the same plastic bag , but the ticket stubs are to be accounted for in this special way in case the gov’t should ever audit us.
Please place this ziplock baggie in your purse along with a pen and ask your friends, neighbours and family to support a excellent charity.
So many people are working hard to make this Cat scan for the hospital a reality asap.
You may hand in your sold ticket books at any guild meeting before the deadline of March 20th.
You may take more tickets to sell or assist at our sales table at the mall in January and February.

Now I will ponder what to make for my $10.00 gift for the christmas party and what to bring for treats.
Let’s all of us cross our fingers that the weather is pleasant for Thurs eve.

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