last meeting of the year

Can’t believe it’s already December ??- neither can all the rest of us!

Our business meeting is planned for Dec 4th . Please have your receipts ready for our treasurer, your reports typed and ready for presentation to our secretary, and that will leave more time for show and tell, so we can brag about all the gifts we’re presenting to family members.

We should have all 3 raffle prizes ready to show you . The raffle tickets will be ready for our Christmas party and you’ll be able to pick up your books of tickets.

Have you noticed that there is a table for the catscan at most public functions and at both of our supermarkets on a regular basis? This project is HUGE and the organizers for the Hospital Foundation are taking their job very seriously. Let do our part and attempt to sell every single ticket.

We have 2 uncoming weekend workshops. The FIRST is this Sat ,Dec 6th and will get you right in the gift giving mood. Be sure to check the revised supply list.We have 5 to 6 small projects that will keep you busy through the day and delight your friends, family or co-workers.

Our New Year’s weekend workshop is Dec 27&28. This is for those of us that have lots of UFO’s and
*need help with sandwiching
*need space to machine quilt
*need some uninterrupted time to get the finishing touches on some show entries
* want to work on community quilts for the show display.

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One Response to last meeting of the year

  1. BCQuilter says:

    I’m hoping to be at the New Year’s weekend workshop… don’t have my work schedule yet, so crossing my fingers.

    What will the hours be?


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