skinny bias demo night

We had a lively evening tonight. It was my favorite type of demonstration, where we looked at the pros and cons of lots of different methods and different gadgets or products. I like for the audience to contribute their prior successes or failures . Leslie B gave me the best hint of sewing the thicker bias bar in the tube with a zipper foot attachment and getting a perfect seam allowance.

Hopefully we’ll see the bias makers by Clover used to their full potential now.

I was asked tonight to define what a blog was . This weekend I hope to define it for all of you and give you some links to my favorite blogs with some of the best information. In the meantime have a look on the right and see Alice’s excellent blog with some very good tutorials and thought provoking comments.


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One Response to skinny bias demo night

  1. Valerie says:

    Thanks for tonight….been several years since I’d done anything with bias…probably since I stopped dressmaking…great refresher and lessons on tools of the trade.

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