quilt show countdown

OK let’s see…………124 days, 18 weeks, 4 month plus 1 week, whatever way you look at it , it’s time to get our quilt tops together, find those bindings we cut out and put aside, find the applique pieces that we cut out and put in a ziplock baggie for safe keeping, start the list of what we want to accomplish in this time left, cross off what’s not realistic and have some GOALS. And remember those workshop pieces that could be hauled out and be turned into something new and different from the teacher’s concept.

As you’re filling out your entry forms, remember to tell us the pattern name, or the workshop teacher. I am busy trying to remember where my inspiration has come from on several pieces as there’s bits from here and something from there, and of course I can’t remember where I found it online, or what book I used for the color zing. But while I search my inspirational bookmarked websites, I’m getting even more ah ha moments for new projects – not a waste of time if it stimulates the brain cells.


I’ve been clearing years of memories from my parents home and many things have found their way to my home for safekeeping. Our decorating theme of the show is centered around Jennie’s challenge of aprons, and kitchen, memories of Moms or Grans mixing, fixin,feeding and nutureing, I’ve found much inspiration for my apron in the pantry shelves of my mom’s home. Hope you too are enjoying the “research” and memory stimulants as much as the process of making your apron entry.

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