I phone Shirley and asked if I could borrow her supply list for the Dec workshop , turns out she had neglected to pick it up off the program table, just as I had forgotten as well.

So I email Alice and guess what? She also had been so busy talking about quilt show that she does not have a list.

So our apologies if you too did not get a copy of the supplies and were depending on us – nope won’t happen until Monday .

We can tell you that there will be 5 projects and each could take about an hour to complete.They are all suitable for stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends and neighbours.

There is a chicken pin cushion made from mini log cabin blocks, a small notebook journal,  a shopping bag constructed from 2 tea towels and some plastic tubing, a pair of mini pot holders for the microwave and my fav is going to be a fabric basket with 2 little handles, just right for holding small treasures. All construction is easy, all supplies should be very easy to obtain and you can make lots of these for gifts or keep them all for yourself(grin).

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