Meshwork Handbag Workshop

Meshwork Handbag Workshop taught by Jennie R:

Six handbags were completed at the October 4th workshop by Kathy O, Kathy P, Coral E, Eleanor S, Barb McC and Wanda S. Two girls were unable to attend and soon will be or are now making their handbags.

Once the fabrics were selected, everyone was asked to make their bias strips and weave these strips before the day of the class as it would be difficult to fully complete the handbags in one day. Samples that would later be sewn into two handbags had been prepared to make it easier to follow the assembly process. The original pattern was completed by hand stitching but we used our sewing machines instead. This free pattern is available on and if you need help please contact Jennie.

It was a busy day, everyone diligently committed to having their handbag completed by the end of the day. Barb McC had arrived with only half of her meshwork completed and proceeded to finish her handbag a good hour before the rest of the class. Barb McC and Kathy O exchanged handles because they best suited their handbags.

I took individual photos of girls and their handbags at the end of the day. At the last quilter’s meeting during show and tell a photo of some of the handbags was taken and is available here.

Fabulous Meshwork Handbags

Fabulous Meshwork Handbags

I structured the workshop thinking about how I like to be taught and I hope everyone enjoyed the day.

After the workshop I finished making the two handbags that I had used for samples. They went together quickly and I have used both of them. Some of us took our handbags to Hands Across the Water and showed them off. I had a lot of compliments on my green handbag.


NOTE from Alice: Thank you Jennie, for submitting the write-up for your workshop.  I was unable to attend, but it looks like I missed out on a lot of fun!  All guild members are encouraged to submit articles and/or photos for publishing on the blog.  After visiting Henriettas Handbag website, I am impressed with all the different sorts of handbags, that can be made at home. I think I may just have to try a few of those… some day. There are free patterns, goto the bottom of the page, and click on the link. There are also bags/purses to purchase as well as patterns to purchase. -Alice

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