November guild happenings

Our quilt show planning meeting was cancelled last night. Our Show convener and several members have been conversing via email to get some particular problems solved.

There are 2 areas that need a lot more manpower or the few who are working will be burned out quickly.

problem #1 is that enormous work for public relations and advertising. Here’s a list and maybe you can fill in for some areas:

repainting street signs, making some new street signs, finding tools and manpower to install in 6 places around town, then removing and safely storing these away.

Following a list ( and making additions to list) to post posters in businesses and offices, public places around the community. We need a blitz of several people with tape, thumbtacks or stapler.

A group to stuff envelopes and mail posters and flyers – address list provided.

All of us will be asked to handout flyers/bookmarks/businesscards to all our friends and keep a pocket full for impromptu meetings.

Volunteer to sell LOADS of raffle tickets, especially in the Mall to gain extra visability for the show and the CatScan raffle.

Problem #2

Coordination of Set up Day. ………yes, I know that you ALL will turn out to help with loading props,quilt stands,rubbermaid bins and quilts into the hall, then you ALL will stay the WHOLE day to set up the stands, and hang the quilts, and then you ALL will stay to the bitter end to get it all taken down again ………BUT there is a great deal of work to do in coordinating all the jobs, all the people and keep things running smoothly without loosing it. You were asked to volunteer at our last business meeting and no one came forward. Do I see anyone timidly waving their fingers??

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