Hands Across the Water 2008 – Sechelt, BC

The day started off meeting at Eleanor’s to pick up my passengers. We were quickly off to the ferry. The weather was looking promising, as we headed out to the ferry, all chatting with what the day may bring.

We decided we would stop and check out the Yurts, near Gunboat Cove. A Yurt is a tent type dwelling, and in this case they have been made into a gallery and a studio for fibre arts. Most galleries and/or artists dissuade you from touching the exhibits. In this gallery, touching is encouraged, and they will not allow you to leave, unless you have touched at least three items. They currently have an exhibit of Els van Baarle of the Netherlands, and her batik works are phenomenal. There were also items made from Ponderosa Pine Needles, very impressive baskets, as wells as baskets made from Bull Kelp.

We then made our way to HAW. We were travelling along through Wakefield, when I noticed a brightly orange coloured piece of paper. As I got closer, and to far to turn up the road, I noticed it said Hands Water. I was sure the road we were looking for was further up ahead, but saw the sign, and turned around, to follow them. In fact the road I was looking for, was further South, but this was another route. We found our way to the event. What a beautiful venue.

The three of us, who had hats, donned them, and in we went to register. After dropping off our fat quarters and blocks, we made our way around the room, stopping to chat with those we knew, and to admire the Merchant Mall, as well as all the beautiful quilts on display. Eleanor, Shauna and I dropped off the magnets and business cards on each plate to promote our Quilt Show in March 2009. Then before we knew it, it was time for lunch. What a wonderful meal, and the desserts were very delicious.

Several members of our guild won (I hope I got everyone’s name):

  • Christine N.
  • Lo J. (twice)
  • Gail W. (twice)
  • Genette F. (Best Hat – widest brim)
  • Susan S. (Raffle)
  • Janet B. (raffle)
  • Peggy G. (FQs)
  • Sandra J. (blocks)
  • Kathy P. (door prize)
  • Rieke S. (door prize)
  • Gwen F. (door prize)
  • Norma F. (door prize)
  • Alice M. (Best Hat – Quilter’s Poem)
  • Wanda S. (door prize)
  • Darlene (door prize)
  • Jennie R. (door prize)
  • Sherrill S. (door prize)
  • Joan W. (door prize)
  • Eleanor S. (door prize).

Judy Farrow was the guest speaker. Although with the room set-up it was difficult to hear her at times, I was impressed and intrigued by her speech and her work. I believe her message to us was that sometimes when things do not seem to be going the way you expected with a quilt, follow it, and it will lead you to places you have not been before.

The guilds were well represented:

  • Port Hardy
  • Campbell River
  • Quadra Island
  • Texada Island
  • Comox/Courtenay
  • Powell River
  • Sechelt Peninsula

Upcoming events (there are more events and quilt shows in BC, and across Canada):

Powell River:

Fine Arts Show – November 28-30, 2008

Quilt Show – March 21-22, 2009

Campbell River:

Quilt Show 2010

Workshops – April 2009 (Check website for more information)

Hands Across the Water:

Comox – 2009

Campbell River – 2010

Sunshine Coast:

Quilt Show – May 1-3, 2009

Port Hardy:

Quilt Show – September 2009 – Green Challenge

Before we knew it, it was time to go. Shauna had a hallowe’en party, so we left to catch the 4:30 ferry home. We made it in good time.

On the ferry there was a quick “show and tell” of what people won, or purchased. From all the chatter, it sounded like everyone had had a good day.

Thank you to the Sunshine Coast Quilters’ Guild for a wonderful afternoon.

Submitted by: Alice

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