quilt show preparation

Our show chairperson for the upcoming quilt show voiced some disappointment at our last meeting and every single person who attended agreed with her.

I decided to state the problem in plain language in hopes that we can give Val a lot more support.

Looking around the table, we saw the same faces who have done the same jobs over and over and  for show after show………………..it was disappointing that we saw so few in attendance and so few who would offer to make the load lighter for those who are taking on a committee single handed, or taking on several positions because there were so few to volunteer.


Now we all know that every guild member who can attend the show , will put in several hours on set up day and will be in attendance to greet the public when they come through our doors , BUT what about the 6 months yet to come. Can you step forward NOW!!??

There’s lots to do:

1. plan the doorprize area and get all the members excited about making some small item for a doorprize.

2. help with the props committee in their search for neat items that could enhance our display. They are particularly looking for Depression era items for a kitchen scene or a Tea Party display, to go with our Apron Challenge

3.The Kitchen food area needs more than just the coordinator, it would be nice to have 3-4 people here to make sure that our wonderful chef and her helpers from Texada have everything they need to make our guests feel welcome.

4. Are you working on boutique sales items? The ladies will be making a small presentation about forms, lists, and tickets for each item. And they always hope that there are lots of selection for our visitors.

5. Can you help with the stage display of community quilts……..not by making a quilt ( although that would be nice as well) , but with taking names of people making quilts, planning a display system ( maybe ladders and poles) and offering to do bindings, labels , signs and photos for a educational display.

6. Have you volunteered for the raffle quilts construction? There will be a workbee at the guild on Tues Oct 14. We are sandwiching the smaller wall hanging and I’m sure there is sewing and pressing to be done on the French Braid Double bed size quilt. As soon as the 3 prizes are completed, we will begin to plan selling of tickets. The committee would welcome some help with printing of tickets, cutting and stapleing, distribution to all guild members and of course manning the sales table in the mall .Where can we use your talents?

At the monthly quilt show meeting, there was more than one person who muttered that this would be their last year. Does this mean that this is our last quilt show? Possibly……..?

I’ll leave you to think about it and hope to see you at the Binding demo. I’ve tried several of Alice’s hints and already , my binding looks many times improved. I am looking forward to perfecting this and ending forever all my hand finishing on those blasted huge quilts. This is so timely just as we are rushing to complete all our entries.

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