raffle workbee success

Today, Gay,Lois and Eleanor managed to cut all the strips for the French Braid design.They did a lot of work (4 quilt shops,3 guild members’ stashes) but all the fabrics that they had made a lovely “run of blended color”. It is mostly blues with a touch of purple,lavender and light green……..The batiks are gorgeous.

Yvonne and I made quick work of sandwiching the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt top with all the bright jewel tones. I really like the basteing method with the basteing spray.So nice not to pin and close hundreds of pins, and so nice not to have to remove them as I sew along.

I have completed about 2/3rds of the double diagonal lines and hope to be able to bring the quilt to the quiltshow meeting on Thurs. I used a different brand of spray this time and it works just as well , but leaves a little gummy residue on the machine needle. I’ll report back – but too tired to walk downstairs and find the brand name.

It would be nice if we could show all 3 of the quilts/quilttops at HAW in 2 weeks time, and publicize the show.

Must get off to bed – but must brush to girl guide cookie crumb evidence from my teeth first.Bought 2 boxes- the little girl guide was a bit surprised as I pried the second box from her clutches.


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One Response to raffle workbee success

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Sounds like a wonderful workbee! Glad everything has turned out.


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