vancouver island workshops to note.

There are 2 different workshops planned on Vancouver island next April and May. They are both 4 days of assorted subjects with some outstanding guest teachers.

Registration has already started , but you might be lucky to snag a spot with a teacher that you have been interested in for some time and now they’ve been brought right here to BC.

The first is planned for after the Parksville Quilt show, so that all the organizers of the quilt show can also enjoy a class. The show is May 29-31,2009 and the 4 days of workshops are planned for June 1-4, 2009. All the info is online with a PDF registration form, as well as phone numbers to call if you are interested. The PDF is 2 pages of both show and class info.(scroll down)

The show committee hasn’t sent this information out to neighbouring guilds yet, but a few brochures are floating around.

The second opportunity is sponsored by the Campbell River Friendship Quilters and is called Island Quilting Seminar on April 23-26, 2009.We got the information via Barb Round, the CQA rep, and I will post a copy on the bulletin board. But all information is available here , and space is likely at a premium, so sign up soon.

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