Updates for October- note Texada Retreat Dates

The correct dates for the Texada Retreat are the 2ND!! Friday of the month plus the Sat and Sunday – so note Nove 14, 15, and 16th.

The sign up sheet looked quite full when I saw it at the business mtg – but call Barb McC if you would like your name on the list.

If you left the business mtg early , then you missed the meeting of the retreat group. There are plans afoot for a different group activity, and there was meal planning , as well as car pooling discussions. Please contact Barb McC if you missed these details.

We have been disappointed in the attendance at the quilt show planning mtgs. YES! we know that you all plan to attend the quilt show and sign up for your hour or 2 of manning a table or position. BUT! we need your help NOW! Please come to the next planning mtg on Oct 9th.

The Maple Street gang have taken on the security tasks for many shows and it is now time for them to have a rest. Who’s going to have a PJparty at the hall for quilt show security? Please join me for pizza, cards,and vino?

Alice McCallum will be our instructor for Demo night , Oct 16th. She will be showing us a binding technique developed by Sharon Schamber. There are some surprises in the finishing of your bindings to make them prize winning and precise. One surprise is that there is little to no hand finishing! that’s a bonus for completing faster.

There is a tremendous tutorial on the internet , but we will work together step by step to improve our techniques and precision. You can see some of Sharon’s prize winning quilts on her website and note that she has won ribbons not just for design , but for her details in finishing.

When we say it’s not finished until it’s quilted, bound,labeled,yada,yada, ….well you’ll see some of this detail makes for stunning results.

I am going to be at the guild to sandwich several quilts on Thurs Oct 23. Who wants to join me for a sandwiching/basteing workbee and we can help each other? There’s lots of quilts that are sure to need finishing before the quilt show and we can make that happen.

Remember that the guild hall is also open from 10:00 am to past noon every Tues. You can come to stitch, sandwich, check out the library and chat. Casual Drop-in sessions to get to know your fellow guild members.

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One Response to Updates for October- note Texada Retreat Dates

  1. Valerie says:

    great notice Nina…I’m planning on bringing a sewing machine to leave at the guild so that Margaret and I can designate Thursdays to be her quilting night…

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