October Reminder

Our October Business mtg -Thurs Oct 4th,2008

1. We have several new members – so please wear your nametag- any nametag – just so they can get to know your names. It would be nicer if it was home made – but I think it’s more important to be big clear letters so they don’t have to put on glasses to read your name on your chest!

2. Program committee will be putting out the sign-up sheet for the Texada Retreat. To avoid hurt feelings – they have waited until this week so that everyone has a fair chance to sign up without a waiting list.

We will make sure that every single member is contacted and informed of this – so no one is missed.

Please be prepared to pay to reserve your spot .

3. If you are choosing to participate in the voluntary brown bag challenge- remember your small brown bag containing 4 fat quarters and a piece of paper inside with your name. This package will be the starting point for a project that you will make and “gift back” to the originator of the packet of fat 1/4’s.

Yes, you can add other fabrics,……No ,you don’t have to use all the fabric in the bag,…..No it does not have to be a quilted wall hanging . It can be any sewn item that you think the person will enjoy.

Becky says that the Secret Santa gift exchange at the Rose Garden quilt shop was an awful lot of fun- and an enormous success. This too could be fun , if we get lots of interest.

UNveiling will be the EndOfYear Party in June 2009.

4. There is a waiting list for all the Machine Quilting DVD’s by Patsy Thompson. Please return these ASAP.

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