Whats a Brown Bag Challenge??

our program committee decided to have a change from Blocks of the Month or Cookie Tin Exchanges.This coming year will see a brown bag challenge or more specifically, it is a gift exchange.

You are asked to place 4 fat quarters of your choice in a brown paper bag with your name pinned to the bundle inside. Bring the package to the October business meeting and the committee will switch the bags around and you will not know who get’s your bag. Each participant will make something quilty from the fat quarters and return it to the originator of the package at the end-of-the-year party in June.

Yes, you can add other fabrics of your own.

No, you don’t have to use up every smidge of all the fabric.

Yes, this is an optional activity and you can participate or not.

No, there is no size restriction ,no theme, and no rules. Simple Eh?

What does the fabric *say * to you? What do you know about the fabrics owner? Would she like something other than a wall hanging?

Have fun and we’ll look forward to the unwrapping next year.

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