book review aug 7th,2008

gee it’s odd that I’m sitting here typing on the evening of Aug 7th and the post looks like I am posting on Aug 8th – will have to see if i can change a clock somewhere and eliminate that glitch.

But I purchased a book at the Canadian Conference that we will introduce to the guild at the sept meeting and I hope to do a book report on all purchases made for the coming year.

Machine Applique For The Terrified Quilter by Sharon Pederson is the latest from our friend Sharon , who makes her home on Vancouver Island.

In the introduction, Sharon states that she tries very hard to find the easiest way to do any project, and I know if you follow her many hints that you too can make machine applique very enjoyable.

The projects can be completed with either the invisible machine applique(blind hem stitch) or the fusible applique with zig zag or satin stitching. Sharon has included lots of hints for achieving a pucker free project with neat tidy corners,curves and points useing your zig zag stitching. Reading the 1st chapter on threads, needles and fusibles should be mandatory – I found it very helpful.


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One Response to book review aug 7th,2008

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Hi Nina,

    Good job on getting the quild blog going.

    I changed the date *grin*, but to do so, you can click on the SETTINGS which is over on the right top of the page, once you are logged in. I’ve also added a few things… to see if you noticed. *giggle*

    I am also going to add a link to my blogging site to this one.


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