Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30

  • Community Quilts – 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Thursday, November 3

  • Quilt Show Meeting – 6:00 PM
  • Business Meeting – 7:00 PM

Friday, November 11 – Sunday, November 13

  • Texada Retreat

Thursday, November 17

  • Christmas Star Demo – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Saturday, November 19

  • Invisible Machine Appliqué


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Look who the wind blew in

There was a full house at the bee on Tuesday – the windy and stormy weather has its advantages. Karen is back from Australia and Angel is back from her travels; it was nice to see Donna, Edie and Margaret back (they used to be regulars) and we hope Antoinette and Dale are back for the long term.

We were all sorry to hear that Barb K was in hospital and awaiting evacuation to Vancouver. Reports to date are that she is recovering well but her major surgery is going to be delayed for a few months. We wish you all the best Barb and hope you’ll be back with us soon.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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How many turkey sandwiches?

About half of the group enjoyed turkey sandwiches for lunch today. What you add to your turkey sandwich was a discussion in itself – mayo, cranberry sauce, French dressing, celery and onion. However you dress your turkey sandwiches, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

We had just finished a short conversation about memory (or the lack thereof) when Rene reminded Barb M of her physio appointment. There were a few choice words as Barb realized she had missed it.

Our lunch discussion also included our experiences in Home Economics classes. Many wondered why Home Ec teachers were often spinsters. Barb K failed her sewing class because she embellished her apron with embroidery and ruffles and the teacher wanted it to be “just like the pattern”. Many of our quilters had been sewing and cooking years before they got to their Home Ec classes, but Sandra J was happy her classes included how to use a dishwasher.

Almost every table at the Clubhouse was in use today, as well as a good crowd gathered around the dining room table. Sandra T dropped in but didn’t stay long and Margie left right after lunch for tennis.

Click here for news from the Mini Meez group.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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You had to be there

We were back at the clubhouse today because of the Soup and Sandwich lunch at the Senior Centre. Over the summer they have installed a new tile floor and it looks great. The Mini Meez held their meeting, folks were in and out on various errands, there was lots of talk and speculation regarding the new program (to be revealed on Thursday) and, as always, lots of laughter.

Our lunch conversations are always varied but today, for reasons you may only want to guess at, there will be no sharing! You will have to join us on Tuesdays if you don’t want to miss out on all the details.

Don’t forget the pot luck and program reveal on Thursday. Doors open at 5:30 with dinner served at 6:00.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Who hid the teapot?

We started our day in a bit of a panic. We tend to have our individual set-up jobs (getting out the bins, making tea and coffee, setting up tables). The tea makers couldn’t find the teapot so several members started to search. No luck in our bin, no luck in our cupboards, no luck in the big kitchen, no luck in the small kitchen. Rene found a cracked teapot but it wasn’t ours and we weren’t sure we should use it. Kathy P came to the rescue and found our teapot in our bin, hiding under the tea cozy!

As these days often do, we ended the day with laughter as well. Annie had a meeting in the morning and another in the afternoon but she joined us at lunch. Her project required some extra fabric so, before her afternoon meeting, she went shopping. Al came looking for her while she was out. When Annie came back she was looking for Al and more than once Annie would go out one door and Al would come in another door and they were both looking for each other. I suggested they just plan to meet at home sometime during the evening!

We were happy to have Barb K., Carola Cathie F. and Barb M back with us today – it has been awhile ladies. We all wish Kathleen our very best as she watches over Dennis in hospital.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Are you ready?

Can we call today the last bee of the summer? Marlene was handing out the Guild membership forms for the new year; our first business meeting of the 2016-2017 year is on Thursday. Come early – fill out your forms and bring your money. There will be a quilt show meeting at 6 PM as well.

Our lunch topic today was diets, but we didn’t start with that. There were several different kinds of cookies (from Mitchell Brothers) around the table and someone asked if we had ever tried the Neiman Marcus cookies with chocolate chips, nuts and a grated Hershey Bar. Patti commented that it was really a chocolate bar but saying it was a cookie sounded better. From there we got to diets – someone is starting the Whole 30 Diet and several others commented that just eating less of everything was the way to go. We all agreed though that age and metabolism were not on our side!

Kathy P is looking for any wicker baskets you might have that can be used to hold prizes at Hands Across the Water. She would also like any of your HAW donations brought to the meeting on Thursday (fat quarters, patterns, give-aways, white elephant items, etc.). The committee will be having a work session next week and we need to know exactly what we have.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Use your imagination!

We were so happy to have a few “irregulars” at the bee today. Gwen popped in for a short while and Penny was back sewing with us; Donna made an appearance and for the first time in a long time Antoinette joined us. Sandy T dropped in to pick up some of Rene’s veggies and Nina added a new book to the library. Margie was meeting Susan (Sharkey) Pirat for some business so we were able to catch up with both of them.

Lunch conversation went from machines to bears to birds. Rene remembers as a child sitting on top of her Mum’s floor polisher to keep it from bouncing and Antoinette had to do the same to her washing machine to keep it from dancing across the floor. There were lots of bear stories and sightings – one just this morning at Mitchell Brothers. Sightings brought stories of how foolish people can be; can you imagine a bear up a tree and a family with young children under the tree spraying the bear with a water hose? Not only are the bears out after the fruit in the trees, Rene had a symphony of birds in a neighbourhood tree that were so loud she couldn’t have a conversation while sitting on their patio.

Don’t forget the Powell River Studio Tour this weekend. Click here for details.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

What a day to have left my camera at home! There was lots of colour and beautiful samples  in the hall today but you’ll just have to use your imagination to see it all.

Donna is almost finished her Film at Five quilt. She used 3″ squares to make it a bit larger and it is so colourful.

Marlene had a beautiful set of log cabin blocks that she’ll make into a table topper. The blocks were paper-pieced (and we know how she loves to paper piece) and the strips were only 1″ wide. The results are stunning!

Darlene used some oriental fabrics to make her Shadow Box quilt. I understand the kit for the quilt came from someone else; that “someone else” is going to want it back!

Gail continued to work on her dogs. This week she made the cutest Dalmatian thanks to fabric from Margaret. Gwen was also working with dog fabric and has a top almost finished.

Rene made a couple of pillowcases (for grandchildren) and some bibs for a baby shower. Penny started another tote bag that features some very cool roosters.

Sandra J was working on her table runner again this week. She and Kathleen have decided to upscale the pattern from 6″ blocks to 12″ blocks. Sandra’s fabrics are beautiful.

Annie was back working on Carola’s BOM quilt and Margaret was working on a Bear’s Paw block – very timely and she even has a black bear to appliqué in the corner.

Antoinette was making a Monkey Business pattern but her monkey business is different from the one Margaret worked on last week.

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