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We were so happy to have a few “irregulars” at the bee today. Gwen popped in for a short while and Penny was back sewing with us; Donna made an appearance and for the first time in a long time Antoinette joined us. Sandy T dropped in to pick up some of Rene’s veggies and Nina added a new book to the library. Margie was meeting Susan (Sharkey) Pirat for some business so we were able to catch up with both of them.

Lunch conversation went from machines to bears to birds. Rene remembers as a child sitting on top of her Mum’s floor polisher to keep it from bouncing and Antoinette had to do the same to her washing machine to keep it from dancing across the floor. There were lots of bear stories and sightings – one just this morning at Mitchell Brothers. Sightings brought stories of how foolish people can be; can you imagine a bear up a tree and a family with young children under the tree spraying the bear with a water hose? Not only are the bears out after the fruit in the trees, Rene had a symphony of birds in a neighbourhood tree that were so loud she couldn’t have a conversation while sitting on their patio.

Don’t forget the Powell River Studio Tour this weekend. Click here for details.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

What a day to have left my camera at home! There was lots of colour and beautiful samples  in the hall today but you’ll just have to use your imagination to see it all.

Donna is almost finished her Film at Five quilt. She used 3″ squares to make it a bit larger and it is so colourful.

Marlene had a beautiful set of log cabin blocks that she’ll make into a table topper. The blocks were paper-pieced (and we know how she loves to paper piece) and the strips were only 1″ wide. The results are stunning!

Darlene used some oriental fabrics to make her Shadow Box quilt. I understand the kit for the quilt came from someone else; that “someone else” is going to want it back!

Gail continued to work on her dogs. This week she made the cutest Dalmatian thanks to fabric from Margaret. Gwen was also working with dog fabric and has a top almost finished.

Rene made a couple of pillowcases (for grandchildren) and some bibs for a baby shower. Penny started another tote bag that features some very cool roosters.

Sandra J was working on her table runner again this week. She and Kathleen have decided to upscale the pattern from 6″ blocks to 12″ blocks. Sandra’s fabrics are beautiful.

Annie was back working on Carola’s BOM quilt and Margaret was working on a Bear’s Paw block – very timely and she even has a black bear to appliqué in the corner.

Antoinette was making a Monkey Business pattern but her monkey business is different from the one Margaret worked on last week.

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Unnamed sources

Aug 16 - 1Aug 16 - 2The Hands Across the Water committee met at the hall first thing this morning. As the date draws near the planning is being overtaken by the “doing”. Expect to hear more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, these lovely quilts are a delight to behold and will go home with someone at the end of the event.

Our lunch discussion started out with crickets. Someone’s phone (who will not be named) has a cricket as one of her sounds and it was going off continually. When it interrupted lunch members started talking about all the crickets they are hearing outside in their yards this year. How we got from there to using number pads for purchases is beyond me but a certain someone’s husband (who will not be named) apparently has a problem working those number pads. Our member said she was going to write out the instructions and put them in their safe for “when she was gone”; another member (who will not be named) piped up that he probably wouldn’t be able to get into the safe. The response was that he probably knows how to get into the safe but he likely won’t know where to find the safe!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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I’m back

AUG 09 - 5


AUG 09 - 6

It takes a lot for this smile not to shine!

I’m back, but we were all thrilled to see this lady back in the hall! She may not be dancing just yet, but she has started physio and we wish her all the best in her recovery. We had our usual number of stitchers and it was nice to see lots of drop-ins. Sewing in France was wonderful, but nothing beats sewing with friends!



AUG 09 - 3


AUG 09 - 4


It was a Mini Meez day at the Guild but there were very few in attendance and only one mini between the bunch of us – way to go Marlene – although Sandra is putting together a lovely set of placemats from her scraps (and using her fancy new machine to quilt them). Margaret admits to buying lots of patterns, but she didn’t bring any of them to show us. Darlene says she won’t be doing any minis until all her stack of quilts has been quilted – she has twelve. On the other hand, I didn’t commit to anything!

AUG 09 - 7Kathleen sent a lovely blueberry cheese cake to celebrate our August birthdays – Betty was the lone recipient of our birthday singing! Kathleen had to miss sewing at the last minute but we want her to know she can bake us her cheesecake any time.

Margie may still have a few spots left to fill for the Arts in the Park weekend. Please let her know if you can help her fill her shift-sheet.

We are sending our best to Penny as she gets through this difficult time.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Bonjour from Montmelard, France

I have been lucky enough to spend a fabulous few days (two more to go) sewing with Christine Porter’s Fan Club. I’ve learned a couple of techniques for making fans, and the combinations you can use them in are endless.

The group I am with are mostly English, as is Christine. We have one woman from Zurich, although she is originally American. One of the women lives just down the road from the farmhouse but she is also Canadian (and does the most amazing hand piecing and quilting that I have ever seen). I love sewing with the English – everything is either brilliant, fab or lovely!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board – or is it Wednesday?

We stitch in the loft of this 17th Century “barn” at Les Cerisiers.

A sampling of Christine Porter’s quilts.

A lesson (and a project) in the use of the colour wheel using four different fabrics in each blade of the fan.

Another project using single colored blades in two sizes.

I admit I’ve skipped class on a couple of afternoons so we could do some sight-seeing!

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How much water do you drink?

Barb M and Barb K were both off with medical leave today – we hope all is well and we’ll see them back soon. Margaret was back sewing today; it’s been awhile since she made an appearance. But where was Annie – at least she notified us that she wasn’t coming so that we didn’t worry about her.

Lunch conversation was dominated by water. We talked about the wasteful use of water on yards and then moved on to our own drinking water habits. It turns out the the optimal amount of water we should drink each day is eight six-ounce glasses. Do you drink enough? We also should be drinking one of those glasses of water just before bed but that brought on a number of issues about having to get up in the night. Someone said that after you did it for awhile your body adjusted and that didn’t happen any more. Someone else said their body had over sixty years to adjust and it never had and probably never would. Someone else excused herself immediately because all this talk about water made her need the facilities. Oh what fun we have!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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A good laugh

After the Mount Washington Retreat and all the Mother’s Day celebrations we were all a bit tired today. At times the room was so quiet we needed to be sure no one had dropped off to sleep.

We had a wonderful laugh at Darlene’s expense (but we hope she didn’t mind). We were all reminded at the last Guild meeting about getting our UFO Challenges to Barb. Darlene came to the clubhouse today with a delightful smile on her face to present to Barb her first finished UFO (just so she would be eligible for the prizes). It was a lovely piece and we all oohed and aahed over the design, the quilting and the bling. When Barb pulled out her records to mark it off Darlene’s list it turned out not to have been one of the ones on her list after all! Oh well Darlene, at least it is one less UFO in your studio.

May 10 - 11

We were happy to have Susan join us today. She is spearheading the assembly of a raffle quilt for Fort McMurray. She will teach a new technique and each participant will sew and donate a block for the quilt. Stay tuned for more details. Her fabric choices are amazing.


The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Happy Birthday Kathy

Happy Birthday Kathy

Happy Birthday Kathy

We were celebrating May birthdays today; Kathy P was the only one who was there to celebrate with us. Margie brought a delicious cheesecake with a cherry topping; as this is a milestone birthday for Kathy there were even a few presents. When asked what her plans were for her big day on Saturday she replied that she was going to a funeral! But she will get to celebrate Mother’s Day with her daughter in the Lower Mainland.

Nina, Eleanor, and Dawn were on hand for the HAW meeting and Dale made an appearance for the first time in a long time. A few regulars were away for medical appointments (hopefully all is well) and Annie made it to the hall BEFORE lunch (there was some betting going on as to when she might arrive). Sandra J dropped in with a visitor – her sister-in-law is visiting Powell River for a few days.

Lunch is always a fun time – even when we don’t have cake. Today we were talking about arthritis and the foods one might eat to avoid or alleviate the symptoms. Some of our members have rheumatoid arthritis, some have osteoarthritis; Rene has the most common type of all – the annoying kind! This discussion led to problems we have opening jar lids. Marlene has an automatic Jar Opener and Sandy T has one that sits under the counter top and apparently works well. Barb K says she has a jar opener that sits on the couch in the living room!

Don’t forget the Business Meeting on Thursday – BRING YOUR STRIPS!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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