Yellow Birds at Quilting

Did you get the memo?

Thanks to Sandra J for the photo
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Committee to Rule the World

Committee to Rule the World

While we had lunch today we discussed the state of our taxes, the gas prices and ways to solve all our problems. It was Val who decided the folks around the table should form a committee to rule the world – and things would be much better. As Barb had already managed to get the door fixed (it was sticking and hard to open) it was decided she would be our leader! I think her first task should be to get the construction outside the door finished so we can park at the back again.

And speaking of Committees, Kathleen is busy finding our new Executive and Committee heads. If she asks, please seriously consider fill one of her vacant spots. And thanks to those who have already step up.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Lots of laughs at lunch

There was a good crowd at sewing today in spite of the fact that, as Moreen said, you had to “drive in the out lane” due to construction. It was great to have Karen and Donna D back sewing with us today. Val stopped in and did a bit of hand quilting but she left before I was able to get a photo. Nina stopped in briefly looking for something from the Quilt Show bins.

It was fun to see some of the mystery quilts coming together. Several of the ladies who didn’t start with the group but who are now seeing some of the results are saying they will make it in the future.

There was some fun conversation at the lunch table. Barb M told us about a very curious customer service experience she had on the Island over the weekend – she was laughing so hard at the memory she could barely tell the story. There was also a discussion about places that get your take-out order wrong. Apparently one spot has “a book”; Barb had a missing item in an order and the next time she ordered they checked the book and then complimented her for her full order not just the price of the error they had made. Donna found something extra in one of her take-out meals; she checked her bill and she had been charged so she called and her name also got put into “the book”. Someone said she should have gone back but then someone else said at the price of gas it made more sense to call.

Kathleen is back from her trip to the Island so be expecting her call regarding the Executive positions and gaps in the Committee groups.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Show and Share – May Business Meeting

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An intervention

Myrt thinks it is time for us to organize an intervention for Donna S; she just purchased her 7th machine. There were all manner of excuses from her – a machine for her husband to sew his own pockets with or a Mother’s Day present for herself. We look forward to seeing the Elna in action soon.

Many of the ladies were surprised to discover that the kitchen upstairs was closed at lunch. How soon we start to depend on the amenities of our new location. Maryanne and Diane made a quick trip to Rocky Mountain Pizza and another car went to one of the fast food drive-thrus.

Barb regaled us with stories of her several trips to Sisters, Oregon for not only the show but also the week of classes that precede the show. If you take some time to go down the rabbit hole that is Quilter’s Affair you might want to know the dates are from July 4 – 8 with the outdoor quilt show happening on July 9. There were a few ladies at the lunch table that seemed quite interested.

Don’t forget the Business Meeting tomorrow.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Scrappy Weekend – April 30 & May 1

There was lots of room in the hall for sewing and the few of us who turned up had a great time. Thanks to Donna Sand for organizing and leaving us little treats.

Cathy G was in for the first day of the weekend but I neglected to get a photo of her project. Gail C joined us on Day 2 and, again, I missed a photo. Sorry ladies!

Maryanne stopped in and you would not believe the re-organizing she and Donna took care of. Expect to be amazed the next time you are in our cupboards.

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Haywire Retreat – 2022 Edition

The ladies were back from the Retreat weekend and by all accounts it was a good one. The food was marvellous, there was lots of laughter (and wine) and lots of cool projects. Everyone got home safely and there were no encounters with the grizzly that is on the loose up there. Of course all the “good” stories have to remain a secret.

At lunch we had a good discussion about Retreats. Georgie feels a retreat needs to take her out of town and far away; there were a number of suggestions as to places to go. Barb M was sure Georgie could get twenty of her friends to go almost anywhere for a session of sewing. Best suggestion though was from Mick; she thought a Retreat in Tuscany would be just about perfect.

It was great to see Dale back in the room with us; she didn’t stay long but wanted to come and see the space. Georgie dropped in a few minutes after we got settled to drop something off and stayed until lunch, and then until after lunch and almost until it was time for us to get ready to go home. She always has some wonderful (and crazy) ideas.

Sandra is back from visiting her new grand baby and, as I predicted, there are baby projects in the works.

Thursday night is the demo about navigating the website. Don’t forget the bar upstairs closes at 6:30 PM; demo at 7 PM.

I’m looking forward to the Saturday and Sunday Scrappy Weekend (9 AM to 3 PM both days). I’m certain we all have a bin (or more) of fabric scraps. Donna S will bring a few scrappy patterns or you can be like Myrt and make your own fabric from your scraps.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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It’s official

Barb M wanted everyone to know that it’s official … Kathleen has lost her mind. Why? The project she’s working on had her sewing 3/4″ pieces to 1.5″ pieces. I know it will be lovely when it is finished but it is out of character for Kathleen; she’s usually passing much larger pieces than that on to other people as scraps.

There were only a few of us sewing today. Did everyone except us know that there would be no heat? We had a couple of space heaters going but it wasn’t enough to keep us warm and we packed up shortly after lunch. It would have been warmer to have sewn outside. Estimates are that the parts required for the motor in the furnace won’t be arriving for a week or two so if you are coming to sew next week wear your wool socks and an extra sweater.

Wendy dropped in before lunch to pick up a number of Community Quilts. She’ll have to come back soon judging by the quilts that were being worked on today. Myrt also dropped in to see what we were up to.

Plans are in full swing for the Retreat this weekend. How many projects are you taking? How many wagon loads do you think it will take to get your gear from the car to the sewing space? The weather looks good for Friday and Saturday but those cabins can get cold at night so bring lots of quilts to keep you warm. Bev checked in to see about picking up the tables for the Retreat; Kathleen took the ironing boards and irons and Donna is taking the power bars and extension cords so you will be well looked after. With the number of participants it is unlikely that, should you forget something, it won’t have been brought by someone else.

If you are going to the Retreat have a wonderful time. For those of us staying home we’ll be looking forward to seeing the results of your labours.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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2 Weeks in 1

I stopped in at the bee for a few minutes today. Many thanks to Myrt for taking photos again last week. I expect to become a regular again on our sewing days, if only to avoid house and yard work!

Big news – Sandra J has a brand new grandson. He’s cute as a button and Sandra can hardly wait to get to see him in person later this week. Congratulations – and I bet we’ll be seeing lots of new baby projects appearing.

Sign up sheets were out today for the Thursday demo and the scrappy weekend. Myrt will be showing everyone how to navigate the website. There is so much information that Myrt shares that it is important for us to know how to access it. I’m very much looking forward to the Scrappy weekend – April 30 and May 1st. Donna S will bring some patterns and I’m sure we all have at least one bin of scraps. I’m not admitting how may bins I have.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board (April 12)

The Tuesday Sandwich Board (April 5)

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Catching Up

I’ve missed a couple of Tuesday bees and a couple of Guild events and I apologize for being late in reporting and sharing pictures on all of them. Thanks to Sandra J and Myrt for the photos.

Tuesday Sandwich Board (March 22)

Cathie brought a wonderful lemon cake to celebrate March birthdays – Rene’s in particular.

Myrt demonstrated her fabulous thread painting at the March demo. Everyone who was there loved it and we’ll be looking forward to some new creations in future editions of Show and Share.

Myrt was also instrumental in handling the technical support for the Movie night. Our members all share so many of their talents and we appreciate them all.

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