Guild Business Meeting – March 4

Thank you to Moreen for sending along these photos.

It was a small turn-out for the Zoom meeting but it was nice to see familiar faces.

Moreen has been working on this Iris quilt over the last few weeks when we joined the Tuesday Virtual Bees. Once it is finished she will hang it at The Crafty Quilter for all to see before sending it off to the lucky recipient. If enough people are interested she is willing to do a demo to show us her process.

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Happy New Year

We did our first Zoom stitching session today and it was wonderful to see quilting faces again. People came and went, some stitched some didn’t – just like Tuesday sewing there are no rules.

We’ll be doing it again next Tuesday (10 AM to 2 PM) and I hope you’ll consider joining us. Contact Moreen for details on the link.

If you can’t join us for sewing please join us at noon for lunch and/or at 1:30 PM for a short Show and Tell.

Nobody posed for this one!

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Thank you sunshine

Thanks to the beautiful weather we were able to meet one more time in the parking lot. Although so much of our “normal” year has gone by the wayside we are thankful each time we are able to get together.

The Program Committee are working hard to keep the year interesting for everyone. We had a good showing of the September Block of the Month (thanks to Diane and Maryanne); please keep making these blocks as they are released. Hold on to them until you see either Diane or Maryanne to pass them along. We’ve already had a volunteer to assemble these blocks; if you want to put together some blocks there is a bin of last year’s blocks waiting for you. Again, contact Diane or Maryanne.

Thank you to The Arlene Group for the donation of this quilt.

The first clue for the mystery quilt was released yesterday. From now on, only paid-up members for the 2020-2021 year will receive the clues.

There was lots of Show and Tell.

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2020 Wind-up


Due to the pandemic restrictions it has been a long time since the Timberlane quilters were able to be together. Last night in the parking lot, at a safe distance, many of us were able to meet and enjoy each other’s company and display some of the work we’ve been doing since the last meeting in March. It was a lovely evening and about 30 of us gathered around the circle.

The Guild Challenge, as imagined by Kathy P, had lots of participants. Over the summer Wendy will have lots of time to think of ways to challenge us for next year.

Kathleen led our Mystery Quilt class – online for the very first time. She said she thought there were more quilt finishes this year than in any year that she has led the mystery. There were even a few pieces that were already quilted!

There were so many Show and Tell items – too many to include photos of each. We’ve all been busy and we haven’t forgotten our donation quilts. About 30 of them were handed in last night. Wendy’s count (if I caught it correctly) was that 55 had been donated throughout the year.

Many caught up on the Blocks of the Month (Wendy also won that draw) and Sandra J presented Kathleen with the prize for submitting her Quilting Journal.

Several decorated masks were on display – lots of animal faces. Myrt won a fantastic Covid-19 basket, which included treats and necessities (including TP). Had there been a prize for enthusiasm Joyce would have won hands-down.

The Secret Pal gifts for the past several months were available and there were two lovely door prizes.

Have a wonderful summer everyone. Stay tuned for information regarding the resumption of our Tuesday bees.


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An invitation from the Cumberland Quilters


Our Guild has been invited to join the Cumberland Quilters on May 1st and 2nd for a workshop with Catherine Nicholls – Snow White Bird.

Cost for the 2 days is $110 and participants must find their own accommodation.

Click here for the more information.

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Joyce joined us for sewing today. A couple of days ago she saw one of her neighbours who asked if she’d had a good trip. Joyce was confused until she realized that her neighbour had seen her leaving the house with a suitcase. No fancy vacation was involved; Joyce was simply heading out to go quilting!

A few friends of friends are rethinking their travel plans due to the coronavirus; some are cancelling and some are going ahead. I think we were all relieved that Kathleen’s granddaughter won’t be touring Europe during the Spring Break. We missed Barb last week as she was helping Deb out because Deb’s grandkids were down with the flu; today it was Deb’s turn so Barb worked another day.

There were some free-motion quilting samples on display today. Amy has done some lovely ruler work and Maryanne was doing some free-motion lessons that were making her look like an expert.

I don’t like to spread any gossip here but everyone around the lunch tables were thrilled that our DQ may be coming back this summer!

The pattern for the Block of the Month has been corrected and it is posted – well it will be as soon as I finish this post!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Yards and yards of lanyards

Lanyards were the mission for the day and we got a lot done. We are on the search for more ring “thingies” and I think we are at the point where we need to sort them and see how many more we need in each colour scheme.

There was lots of talk about the Coronavirus and the hype surrounding it. I think the general feeling was if we just be careful when out in public and wash our hands thoroughly throughout the day we will be okay. As yet we are undecided about how the media is treating all of this.

There were sewing issues throughout the morning on my side of the room. I had trouble with thread breaking; solution, after several other attempts, was to change the needle. Angel had some issues with her machine but rethreading seemed to clear the problem. Sandra was pulling out chunks of fluff when she decided to do some clean up on her machine.

Lunchtime talk at my table could be summed up by Marion’s comment, “Are you crazy?” We were talking about cataract surgery and then Wanda started telling us about her knee surgery. She chose to be awake during the procedure as she wanted to be able to see what they were doing. There were several of us around the table who agreed with Marion.

Thursday at 6 PM we’ll be meeting to discuss details for Hands Across the Water; all members are welcome. The HAWs meeting will be followed by the regular business meeting.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Community Quilts

Thank you to all the members who participated in our Community Quilts weekend – whether you came for an hour, a day or both days your work is appreciated. 42 new quilts were sandwiched and are ready for “door prizes” on Tuesday and Thursday – don’t forget to pick up one or two! Wendy says we’ve donated 43 quilts since September so this is a perfect restock of the cupboard.

I’m sorry I didn’t get any photos of the sandwiching crew but they were hard at work both days. They must have been feeling positively giddy when they were done – not only from the pile of quilts they amassed but also from all the fumes.

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Perhaps one of the best things about the Tuesday bees is the sharing that happens. Several months ago Marlene shared a new set of templates for scrap quilting. I know I bought a set and perhaps others did. Today she brought in another find – Penny had located the pattern book to go with the templates at a very very good price. I’ve just ordered mine and I know there were a few others who took down the name of the website.

We were happy to have Judy (from Texada) join us while her car was being repaired. She had brought along an embroidery project but didn’t have a hoop. Someone else did so she was able to work. There were rulers being shared and at lunch someone brought it a big container of pineapple to share. Carolina had a lovely flimsy with four hummingbirds that she was wanting to pass along and Margie was the logical recipient.

Margaret Warren drop in for a quick visit and I swear I saw Sandy T in the room (for about five minutes). Wendy dropped in to sort out supplies for the community quilt weekend and she took home another finished quilt. Amy made the drive from Lund to join us.

Donna D stopped by to show us her Twister project; she didn’t stay because she said she was cranky today. She needs some help with just a small bit of fabric – only one or two strips that she can use for binding. Let her know if you have any of this.

Don’t forget that next week we will start working on our Hands Across the Water projects. We’ll start off with the lanyards. Bring 2.5″ strips in any of these solid (or read like solid) colours – red, hot pink, light pink, orange, rust, peach, yellow, gold, lime green, mint green, olive green, blue, turquoise, pale blue, navy, lavender, plum, eggplant. Barb will be available to show us how to make them.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Twister Demo

Thanks to Joyce for these photos from the Twister Demo.

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